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Areas of Intervention - Community Based Rehabilitation

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)  Our projects, Saksham, Srajan, Niramay, and a host of others have been implemented following the CBR approach.Successful reintegration of individuals into the society, after being rendered physically and emotionally disabled by diseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis (TB), or NTDs, is possible if only they find themselves financially viable to their family.  Loss of livelihood as a result of being struck by these diseases not only mars a person financially but also shakes up their confidence in the ability to secure and continue work again. At such a point, GLRA-India intervenes and helps in building the confidence of the affected persons through counselling and tries to alleviate the health problem by facilitating treatment. Further, it’s our sincere effort to involve the families, and the community of the affected individuals in the rehabilitation process. Such all-rounded rehabilitation is achieved using the CBR approach.