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Sharing over 50 years of international expertise, GLRA India provides independent and professional advisory services in the use of technology , health, poverty reduction approaches to governments, NGOs, aid agencies & the private sector.

GLRA India takes the lessons learned from the work of DAHW globally and pushes them out across a much broader geographic region in pursuit of scale and influence. GLRA India provides quality, efficient and effective advisory services by combining international experts with local and regional specialists, delivering projects through our India offices staffed with experienced development experts.

Our Service Package for the Corporate Sector

For companies operating in today’s dynamic global economy, developing a sustainability strategy and making it a part of your business DNA is critical to achieving and maintaining competitive advantage. GLRA India is the partner who can help link strategic vision with execution. We do more than leave clients with reports and analysis. After careful analysis of your business, sector, business strategy, vision, values and the marketplace, we devise a fit for purpose CSR strategy and its execution plan. While leveraging more than 50 years of experience in developing and implementing innovative sustainability strategies across different industries and markets, we can help your organization in the following:

• Creation of a unique value proposition through a compelling sustainability strategy that aligns sustainability efforts with business priorities and leverages organizational capabilities and culture

• A rigorous assessment of your current programs, identifying strengths and gaps

• Sustainability priorities based on the relative “materiality” of specific issues and opportunities to your business and key stakeholders

• Goals, key performance indicators, and metrics to ensure that objectives are realized

• Specific programs, policies, and partnerships to support effective implementation

We provide services across the entire spectrum of business social responsibility as under,

• Consultancy/Guidance for ongoing CSR activities along with future planning – Preparation of CSR, Policy, Mission, Vision, Objective, Roadmap, Budgeting, Detailed Project Report (DPR), CSR Process Review Management for Existing CSR initiatives and providing corrective and improvement measures

• Project Implementation and Management – Macro and Micro planning of Project/Activities, Detailed activity schedule, Time templates of projects and staff, Reporting System of Project, Involvement of Government and other agencies, local community, influential peoples in projects for developing relations.

• Assessments – Need Assessment, Impact Assessment, Surveys, Social Audits, Monitoring &Evaluation planning and support

• Communication – MIS & Annual Reporting on social responsibility, Newsletter & IEC , CSR events

• Partnership/PR – Stakeholder mapping and engagement, PPP Model Projects, Corporate Grouping, NGOs due-diligence and partnering, PR & Liaising, Community Partnering.

• Reporting – Detailed Project Report, Proposal Writing, Networking with other NGOs and the Government

• Training& Capacity Building – Identifying training needs of the implementing NGO partners, planning and implementing the capacity building plan, CSR & Sustainability training for company’s staff


Since truckers are mobile from one city to another across states in India, access to health care facility is a major challenge. Due to this, their diagnosis and treatment is often delayed. Hence, to bridge this gap and provide early diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) for truckers, GLRA collaborated with Apollo Tyres Foundation (ATF) and Govt. TB program (RNTCP) to reach out to hub of truckers in Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, Delhi.

The project DISHA – DISTINCTIVE, INTEGRATED SUSTAINABLE HEALTH ACTION – is one of the first and most challenging targeted interventions for Truckers in the world. The key objectives include,

  • Promoting TB awareness amongst truckers, helpers and the migrant allied population for early diagnosis and treatment
  • Establishing linkages with the RNTCP and other health systems
  • Ensuring TB treatment adherence
  • Minimising loss to follow-up through close monitoring of the TB patients

In the first year of the project, more than 1100 TB presumptive have been identified and 25 cases confirmed. We in GLRA, remain committed to the cause of Uniting to End TB and leaving no one behind.

TB awareness and identification amongst truckers and allied population