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Make Fundraising Personal

Start your personal fundraising campaign and ask your friends and family to donate and support GLRA India in its cause of making India free of poverty related diseases. Please contact for how we can help you organise the same.

Run, swim, dance or participate in marathons and do anything athletic to support GLRA India’s work

Available Campaigns

The day you were born is celebrated by your family and friends. This year, bring about a change by supporting people in need. Donate your birthday to GLRA India.

The day, two of you come together in holy matrimony; bring happiness and smiles to people in need. Share your support of GLRA India on your wedding day.

Run, swim, dance or do anything athletic to support GLRA India’s work

Bake cakes, make handicrafts, clear out stuff, hold a sale, and donate the proceedings to GLRA India.

For more information on partnering with GLRA India, please contact us at