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International Women’s Day 2019: There is no restrain to what women can accomplish

International women’s day is celebrated in many countries around the world. This day is recognized for women’s achievements regardless to their religion, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political background.

Gender Equality

GLRA is committed to the principle of gender justice, non-discrimination, equal opportunity and gender friendly laws at the workplace. Gender mainstreaming is a concept of ensuring equality amongst everyone irrespective of the biological differences amongst women and men. The gender mainstreaming policy would involve interests of women and men becoming central to programme analysis and planning, resource allocation, implementation, research, policy development, influencing, monitoring and evaluation of programmes.

Committed to empower female beneficiaries through SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) programme

Ms. Muniraben is a resident of Delwada village of Palanpur block in Gujarat. She is a homemaker in a lower middle-class family. She has 40% physical impairment post birth. She attended different activities of project Sammalit Vikas Jankari (SVJ) where she was sensitized about different livelihood options for women & older girls with disabilities. Later she became a member of a local DPO. She has undergone two months Tailoring training organized by SVJ team in Palanpur where she received a Tailoring machine after successful completion of the training. She is doing stitching work at home where she stitches cloths round the year and long plastic during monsoon season. Her regular contribution to the family has earned respect for her within the family & her community in the last two years.
Currently, Muniraben has become an inspirational speaker for other women & girls with disabilities in Banaskantha district. She attends different activities of the project and talks about her struggle & how project SVJ has supported her plight.

Female staff of GLRA 

Uma kannan is working as an assistant HR Manager with GLRA India since 30 years. Her beautiful nature and smile cherish the working environment. Due to having such a long experience in NGO sector, she helps and counsels the younger staff to work with a positive attitude. She maintains balance between the Household and office work very well. However, she has her own struggles and sometimes she tries to overcome the stress. In order to do that, she manages her time properly and has learnt to juggle different priorities. She enjoys working with talented, funny, and dedicated staff. She is glad to see people get benefited and a positive result from GLRA team support. Uma has transformed the hearts and minds of a future generation. She has become an inspiration for many working females.

“Uphold your commitment, maintain self-respect, create a positive atmosphere and leave your footprints wherever you go”

-Mrs. Uma Kannan

Belina, a Senior Accountant of GLRA India hails from Chennai. She is working since 2015. Belina enjoys from the friendly atmosphere in GLRA. Even though, sometimes she struggles to balance her professional and personal life as she said, “Constantly the fact that I am neglecting my child and being selfish. Expected to be a superwoman who can handle everything on my own” Belina expressed. However, she has gained strength to overcome all the challenges. She tries to be an optimistic person and accept the failure as well as the success which are apart of life’s journey.

“There is no limit to what we, as women can accomplish. Always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. A successful Woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at them”

-Mrs. Belina

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