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World TB Day

World TB Day on March 24th

Like leprosy, tuberculosis or TB is another disease caused by Mycobacteria, that has plagued mankind for centuries. It is spread when the afflicted person coughs,  allowing the bacterium to escape into air. People nearby breathe in the same air, exposing themselves to the disease.

TB is a serious concern worldwide but significant headway in controlling it became possible after the introduction of the antituberculosis antibiotics. However, disease continues to be a big concern in nations where public health resources are poor, where poverty prevents the populace from maintaining a healthy regular diet.

Statistics show that 12 lakh new TB cases are detected in India annually. The poorer sections of the society are more vulnerable to this disease. Also, children are under- diagnosed, so there may be several youngsters afflicted with TB, but not receiving timely treatment. This situation has to change and change NOW!

This World TB Day, let us pledge to do our bit to spread awareness about this disease among the less  educated and underprivileged in our community.

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