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World Tuberculosis Day – 2019


Since centuries afflicted disease caused by Mycrobactria is Tuberculosis as well. The chances of spreading such bacteria in the air are higher by coughing or sneezing. Exposing themselves to the diseases is breathing in the same air. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 1.6 million people died of TB, about ten million were newly infected, including one million children.

Seeing stigma in the community, people carry various myths about it, hence GLRA goal was to share the facts on TB for community understanding.

This year the theme “It’s time” brought the significant step to end TB. GLRA India observed this day in various locations where participants and team members along with government staff spread awareness about TB disease into the community.
Farman and his team were affected with tuberculosis. They used to take the medicine from same chest clinic and became good friends. After the proper medication they got cured. Since that time they decided to showcase their talent of singing. They performed first time on the occasion of World TB Day. This indicates the real transformation in their lives.

Key Activities

Transformation among people affected by TB

The most innovative program “Qwalli” opened many eyes. The cured TB affected singers sang famous qwalli songs under the hospital premises of Jag Pravesh Chandra Hospital, Shastri Park, Delhi. Farman Hussein (Singer) with team gave the message through qwalli singing. “When you are battling with such type of disease, you always forget to focus on our own dreams. That time we should always take care of our health and hygiene first to become healthier. Subsequently we can achieve our life goals” he expressed.

Marching to end TB

Students from various schools and colleges and family members of TB affected patient took part in the programs at Delhi and Mumbai. The March helps people to know about the disease, its symptoms and prevention methods. State TB Officer and Government health staff launched the program in the respective locations.

GLRA Counselor expressed about TB diseases and precautionary method to prevent it from spreading.

The participants pledge that they will fight against the dreaded diseases.

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