"Our vision is a world in which no one suffers from Leprosy, Tuberculosis and poverty- related diseases and the Consequences they bring, such as physical disability and social exclusion"

What We Do

GLRA India based in Chennai, was established as an independent legal entity in 1966. Medical and social rehabilitation was the lifeline for people affected by leprosy. Over 48 years, GLRA has touched the lives of 21 lakh (2.1 million) people affected by leprosy, treated and cured 1.5 lakh affected by Tuberculosis (TB) and has socially rehabilitated 2.6 lakh affected persons, helping them to integrate into society and live in dignity. Our services are now extended to differently abled in many states of India especially to those that live in remote areas, politically unstable locations and among the marginalized communities.

Into the Life of a Leprosy patient...

Our Mission

We actively assist on a global scale people suffering from poverty-related diseases...

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